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The Goat, Clapham

It's rare that I blog about our locals. I guess because when you go to places on repeat they don't seem worth talking about.

We've been to The Goat for drinks a lot. And I've eaten there a couple of times...but a burger when you're a wee bit jolly tastes much like any other burger.

Right, little man?

So when we went for Sunday lunch with the crew, I have to say I was pretty impressed. On the down side, everyone who went in for the traditional roast had their meals served lukewarm - and their desserts served steaming hot. 

But if you went off piste, man, you were in for a (hot) treat. I had the Devon crab tartare to start, and it was hands down one of the best crab dishes I've ever had.

I followed up with ox cheek pie - who knew ox cheeks would be so melt-in-the-mouth tender? They're now on the list of things to experiment with at home.

p/s is there anything better than a pint of orange juice & lemonade after a night on the wine before?  Best drink IN THE WORLD.