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Paris, we meet again

I love the Eurostar. It's about a million times better than going to the airport to get a plane, and a gazillion times more comfortable. 

It was with welcome relief that we arrived at Chez Chez on Friday night. What's better than visiting friends and being taken care of all weekend when there's cheese, foie gras and wine involved? 

Welcome kirs down, we headed to a little French bistro for the standard issue French feed: marrow, steak tartare, wine, and heart-stopping aligot - mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese. Totally decadent.

After a little sleep, it was time for a trip to the supermarché and a stroll in the park before Miss L and Miss O arrived.

Is there anything more French than carrying baguettes? Didn't think so.

Then it was time to lay the foundations for our day. OH YEAH.

Before heading to the main event: Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendents. In other words, an exhibition hall filled with boutique wine merchants as far as the eye could see, all waiting and willing to take you on a tasting journey through their vintages and vineyards.

We rolled out of there, 5 hours later, 50 or so bottles better off, and a lot more than 50 or so samples worse for wear. Via a stop at the token chocolate stand, of course.

And what better way to enjoy our stash than at a Parisian house party with raclette and a catch up with Anthony? Double cheese all the way, dudes, double cheese.

As we headed to bed in the wee hours of the morning, full of cheese and wine, I really wasn't sure how much more cheese I could take. 

As it turns out; a lot, lot more.