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Koh Samui Day 5: sleeping alone

Back to Thailand.

Day before the wedding stress. Man, was I cranky. While half of our guests went diving (and saw sharks the lucky bastards) I was missing out and going grocery shopping. Blergh. 

One thing did cheer me up though: while getting our nails done in the afternoon, my very camp nail technician stopped painting my toenails to gawk and exclaim at the hot piece of man that had just strolled by the shop. Yep, it was the CG. Every gay Thai guys fantasy apparently, as we later found out. 

We had a pre-wedding shoot with our photographers which I was running extremely late for, thanks to the extra care and attention given to my nails once it was discovered I was marrying an apparent greek god. Make up was a bit of a rush and hair wasn't done in the end...I think I look a bit like a drag queen in some of these but the photography is lovely.

Our photographers, Artem and Helen, were great. They were so relaxed and just fit right in with everyone. 

We'd organised a pre-wedding dinner at the guest villas for everyone. But before that, I whizzed over to  have my wedding hair trial with my new sister in law. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! Luckily she's a hair genius, so we tried two styles and redid my hair, and only missed a little bit of pre-dinner drinks.

Sensibly, the family and maid led me back to the villa just before midnight where I settled into bed, alone, for a night of beauty sleep before the big day.