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Bonfire weekend

This week I ate (read: got smashed) at Burger and Lobster (amazeballs), Bob Bob Ricard (how can I not love a place that has a buzzer for your champagne at your table?) and Ducksoup. And I didn't take my camera. I KNOW. Work frazzled.

So here's the blurry iPhone highlights:

Don't believe anyone who tells you there's no point going for the burger. Definitely one of the best I've had the pleasure of sharing.

Lobster mac and cheese. How is this not even a thing I've had before now?

Last night we went to the Guy Fawkes bonfire night celebrations at Battersea Park. It was brilliant. Fire, fireworks, laser lights, and more sugar than four people should ever have in one go - mulled wine, candy floss, honeycomb, and (my first ever) toffee apple. 

What's not to love about burning a shedload of pallets in remembrance of a guy who was tortured? Um, yeah. England, innit it?