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The London Foodie's Japanese Supper Club

I've been wanting to go to The London Foodie's supper club for an age. For starters, Japanese ranks as my #1 cuisine. Secondly, I was fascinated by how it would work - a bunch of random strangers being treated to a (fancy) home cooked meal in someone's actual house. And finally, I just wanted to meet the man who gave up his investment banking career for the pleasure of cooking for others.

It did not disappoint.

Luiz was lovely, and his house was warm and inviting - exactly what we needed coming in from a rainy, cold night. The thing I liked the most was actually having someone taking the time to explain what we were going to experience, the use of the ingredients, and to be able to give a really personal account of where the inspiration from the dishes came from.

Huge respect to anyone who can cater for a dinner party of 22 people. And oh, how I coveted his kitchen. 

Classy as always.

We had a new menu that kicked off this weekend, so I don't want to say too much about the dishes and ruin the surprise for anyone. All I'll say is, the portions are substantial - and as the girls reminded me "pace yourself - it's a marathon not a sprint". 

The icing on the cake, apart from being able to BYO? Meeting two other people from not just the same area of Sydney, but the same suburb I was raised in. We all high-fived, obviously.