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Momofuku and Meatballs in NYC

You know when you think something's gonna be good, and then it completely blows you out of the water? Yeah, that's my life at the moment. Apart from the constant jetlag, things are better than good.

I couldn't be more inspired and motivated by my new work. Every single person we met on our trip to the States was not only ridiculously nice, but smart, engaged, and passionate. PASSIONATE! One or two people, you expect. A bunch of people, across three different sites? I've certainly never encountered anything like it in the 14 years I've been working FMCG.

And then there were the Momofuku buns. We managed to squeeze in a visit to the noodle bar while we were in NYC. 

The ramen wasn't the best I'd had, but oh. my. sweet. buns. You know something's good when both of you just keep nodding at each other with eyes wide open as you savour every bite (thankfully we managed to recruit someone who loves food as much as I do).

The pork was super succulent, and the shrimp was just so tasty in the lightest, crispiest batter. I'm actually drooling just writing about them. Hanging for the day we get something as good in London.

After the whirlwind work week (and drinks at the Standard, dinner at Spice Market and at Ken & Cook - all brilliant), we finished off our trip last night with a visit to The Meatball Shop. Who would have thought something so basic could be fancied up into so many flavour combinations? I went for the spicy pork meatballs in parmesan cream sauce. 

But the icing on the cake were the ice cream sandwiches. I am definitely going to make these bad boys for a dinner party one day. Choose a type of cookie and ice cream flavour, and feel the sugar course through your veins. 

My snickerdoodle cookie caramel ice cream sandwich sent me on a high that had me crashing down shortly after. Luckily by that stage, all I needed to do was wash my face, brush my teeth, and get as much sleep as I could on the red eye back home. 

NYC...even visit no. 7 just leaves me wanting more. 

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