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Koh Samui Day 3: this is where it gets messy

After the rest of our friends and family arrived early doors, we got down to business: my hen party and the CG's stag.

To be honest, the less said, the better. 

Ms K organised a brilliant day for me. We got our nails done while drinking bubbles.

We I had penalty shots, while playing games (yes mum, his first pet was a beaver).

We got tarted up and went to an amazing hilltop bar for cocktails.

I completed dares (it's a good thing some of these are fuzzy, trust me).

One of the girls organised me a stripper (yes, that IS the CG, doing exactly what you think, in a strip bar window in Thailand *sigh* NO SHAME).

Sometime in the early morning the guys (after they'd sent one of their own to hospital to be stitched back up after rolling his dirt buggy - ouch) met us in a nightclub where we made sure the podium saw lots of action and we danced the night away.

And that, friends, is why we made sure headache tablets were in our welcome packs for everyone.