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Koh Samui Day 2: the first arrivals

After the torrential rain came bright sunshine and blue skies the next morning. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to. Especially when you have a team of villa staff serving you breakfast poolside (man, I could get used to that life).

Having our guests start to arrive was pretty freaking exciting. Friends we don't often get to see from San Francisco, Poland, Australia, Paris and Newcastle flooded in; along with my maid of honour. 

Apart from our actual wedding day, I think greeting our friends as they arrived was probably my favourite part of the week - not only were we reunited, but we still had everything still to come ahead of us.

Another night, another seafood dinner. Ah, Thailand. What I wouldn't do for fresh seafood right now.


The icing on the cake? Coming home to these ridiculously cute towel animals. Dogs or cows? You decide.