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Koh Samui, Day 1: arrival jitters

Arriving at Koh Samui airport is exactly what it should be - a little paradise island welcome with tiki Thai style huts. Then you get to duty free and find out there's no limit whatsoever, and you feel like the luckiest dude on the island as you buy up all the vodka a wedding party could need.

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a rough start after that. The sat nav didn't recognise the addresses of either villa complex we'd rented. The car hire guys had never heard of them either. They didn't appear on the actual island maps. 

I started to get that sinking feeling. After all, we'd just booked these things over the internet - who knows what black hole we'd thrown our cash into. And worse, where we'd actually put our guests if we didn't come good with the villas.

After a number of calls made by our helpful Hertz representatives, we got a steer on approximately where we should be heading, and were told that "Alex" would be waiting on a corner for us. After initially zooming past him, we finally met up with the man who turned out to be the guardian angel of our trip.

And THIS is what he led us to. OH YEAH.

Know how the internet often makes things seem better than they are? This was way better. 

We could not stop grinning at each other with glee, relief, and sheer bloody excitement that we were (a) getting married in this incredible place, (b) getting to sleep and shower in these freaking fantastic rooms, (c) entitled to 4 massages a day, (d) able to recline in comfort in a 12 person cinema room, and (e) actually finally here!

Of course after that things went a bit pear shaped again - the florist turned out to be an old man sleeping on a couch surrounded by horrifically old, fake flowers. We had torrential rain for a couple of hours that we had to slop through, knowing we were probably walking around in effluent. We couldn't find appropriate gift bags for our guests, so ended up with brown paper lunch bags.

But hey, mum and dad arrived safely, we all jumped up and down with glee about the villa again, and enjoyed a seafood dinner.

Not a completely horrible start to the wedding week, no?