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Dinings, Marylebone

My first week of work was full on. Like, FULL ON. But in a good way. And tomorrow I'm off the States for a week of induction and training. With potentially no time for shopping *sob*. Surely I'll be able to negotiate a free hour. Or two. 

Friday evening was a welcome relief. I'm super excited and completely bought into my new brand and company, but after almost a month off (because let's face it, working 5 days in September didn't really count as work at all) it was exhausting going back to work full time.

Miss B has created a spreadsheet of the Time Out best 100 dishes list. We're on a mission to try as many as possible with Miss O, although once we'd cross referenced out all the places we'd individually been, it made the task seem slightly less daunting. 

Last night we headed to try the wagyu beef nigiri at Dinings with the boys in tow. This was easily the best  "fusion" Japanese I've had. 

The eel and foie gras sushi roll was right up there as one my favourites, as were the super light and crispy taco-style bites filled with wagyu beef, scallop, and fatty tuna. 

I wish I was doing it all again today. Except maybe the truffle ice cream. Mushroom flavoured ice cream is really not my bag. 

The rest of the wedding week blogs will have to wait until I'm back from NY methinks. Meanwhile, I'll focus on finally getting to momofoku while I'm in my favourite city in the world...

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