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Afternoon tea at The Capital, and bit of George Michael

How's this for fast work: 
10:30am arrive at Heathrow off the red eye
11:30am head out to Brunch @ Brew (so good, as always)
1:00pm head back home to relax after a hectic work travel week
1:10pm summoned by Miss O instructing me to come to afternoon tea instead of drinks because  she "will be inebriated before we make it to 9pm drinks"
2:20pm unpacked, showered, dressed, apologised profusely to the CG for leaving him straight after getting home, and in Knightsbridge, ten minutes early, ready to rock and roll and waiting for the birthday girl.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Miss O had organised a private room at The Capital for tea. 

I probably shouldn't have had brunch, but I thought I was going to be sleeping all afternoon, didn't I?

The birthday cake was ridiculous. Chocolate ridiculousness, on top of sugar city.

Despite rolling out of the hotel with a 3 month old food baby, it was definitely the right choice. 12 hours of sleep later and I'd made a teeny dent in my jet lag ravaged state.

So, one of my ex-work colleagues gave us a pretty cool wedding present - tickets to George Michael's Symphonica. MAN that guy can sing. His bea-u-ti-ful voice was so nice that it's smooth and jazzy tones lulled me to sleep for a couple of songs (I wasn't kidding about the jet lag). 

It was a pretty sweet way to spend a Sunday evening. Plus now I've been to Earls Court as a venue. Tick!