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The final countdown

Sometimes I wonder if I've used the same blog post titles in the past, but I can't be bothered going and checking. Why? Because I'm inherently LAZY. Plus, I don't really rate the past. I'm all about the future, baby.

Yesterday was my last day at LML *sob*. At the moment it feels like I'm just on holiday, but I'm sure the reality will hit me when we're back from Thailand and I'm beavering away in my cold and lonely house. ON MY OWN. 

Anyway, no point getting pre-work-from-home depression.

This is what my life currently consists of:

Lots and lots and lots of lists. On scraps of paper, on my iPad, mobile, notepads...everywhere.

And don't worry, I'm not actually going to print the new and old testaments, just the master document I've created with all the important info for the wedding. It's probably highly inappropriate calling it "the bible" given that there's not an iota of Christian or Jewish content in our wedding, but hey ho.

Spotify. When did I ever stop using it, and why? It's so good. SO GOOD. I'm not only updating my knowledge of current music, but creating playlists appropriate for the holiday week. How's that for efficient?

And more flowers, from work this time. I've been completely spoilt after the last 4 weeks, and will now need to keep fresh flowers in the house at all times to maintain this feeling of being loved and adored.

So this week, our wedding catering hit the skids. Yeah, like less than two weeks before the wedding. And we ended up having to fork out a fair bit more unbudgeted cash. Blergh. I keep trying to tell myself that this will be all worth it in the end, but all I can see is my rapidly diminishing bank balance. I'm silently cursing the CG for not agreeing to go to Vegas. 

But I know it will be worth it. 

Oh, plus we get exciting new things! From my favourite store, no less.

That's where I stopped. Supreme self control came into action. You didn't think I was going to open any presents before the wedding, did you?