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Reasons to love Malaysia

I don't even know where to begin.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy - I've never been so stressed, so elated, so touched. Our wedding was absolutely a-ma-zing. The CG bawled. And so did everyone else. Honestly, I've seen people cry less at funerals, or while watching The Notebook. It was fantastic.

We got home this morning, and I'm depressed and homesick for the warmer shores of Oz and the fussing of my parents. But life must go on. Plus I get to stretch this out on the blog for a good few entries, so I'll survive.

Our wedding trip started and ended in Malaysia, where my family are from. If you love food and shopping, Kuala Lumpur is the city for you. Apart from the fact that my awesome grandma, amongst other relatives, lives there, I have so many reasons to love Malaysia.

For starters, you can legitimately have ice cream for breakfast.

You can have roti, prawns, vegetables, tofu, two types of noodles, BBQ chicken wings, and drinks all for £3 - £4 a person on Jalan Alor (a street in the Bukit Bintang area).

There are benches everywhere for you to rest on.

They have no shame with dessert portions at Ben's.

These bad boys are truly spectacular.

Take out comes in bags, and it's considered poor form to eat any less than this in one day:

There are caves and monkeys not 10km north of the city.

And they have the best dim sum ever at the Concorde. EVER.

I couldn't be more jealous that my folks are still there, probably eating right this minute. 

It was so good to spend real time with my family. I cried all the way home.