JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Now that's what I call respect

Miss B is my paralympic ticket fairy. Handily, she's also a great eating companion, so she gets two brownie points for being generally awesome. 

Thanks to the generous fairy, the CG and I got to finally check out the Olympic Park (which is seriously huge - pretty sure it took us an hour to walk end to end) on the weekend, and to feel a serious dose of respect for the wheelchair basketball and tennis athletes. Those guys are true Olympians, and hella hardcore - the speed at which the basketballers were hitting the deck and up-righting themselves was quicker than it takes a fully able bodied me to step out of the shower.

We also decided to have a whirl on the new Emirates Airline across the Thames. Handily, you can use oyster pay as you go for the trip.

Note to self: when someone tells you they're afraid of heights, believe them. The CG was not feeling too confident as the cable car climbed upwards, even relinquishing the camera to me so he could brace himself across one side of the car. I tried not to rock the thing too much as I bounced around with glee.

Then yesterday, Miss B and I headed inside the Olympic stadium to marvel at the athletics. Holy cow. I wish I could run at half that speed to get the bus. What a bunch of champions.

With seats 10 rows from the 100m start line, I couldn't have asked for a better spot to soak up the amazing atmosphere. I loved hearing the roar of the crowd move around the stadium as the sprinters flew around the track. Gold and silver for Oz, a world record or ten smashed, and seeing the man Oscar himself - brilliant.

So...anyone for Brazil 2016?