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Friends, fun and dim sum at Royal China, Queensway

Well, yeah, except it's not all fun times at the moment. I've had two meltdowns so far this morning, both wedding related. I cannot wait until this week and a half is done, we're in Thailand, and I can just throw my hands up in the air and say "well, nothing we can do about it now - let's just make do with what we've got!" 

Other than wedding stress, it's been pretty fun around here I must admit. Miss C and her French lover (far more exotic sounding than "boyfriend", non?) were visiting from Paris for a long weekend which meant a girls night out at Dirty Martini and Dishoom, forcing them to be guinea pigs while I cooked new dishes at dinner, brunch at Brew, way too many drinks and dancing at Propstore, and one of my favourite Sunday things to do: dim sum.

Oh dim sum, we have been apart way too long. The CG refuses to go when it's just the two of us because "you can't order many things" (which is rich, coming from a guy who doesn't like tapas). And most of my dim sum crew have lamely moved abroad. So it was the perfect excuse to head to the usual: Royal China, Queensway.

Service was even more terrible than usual, but how can I risk going anywhere else? Even with your long queues and surly staff, you have my stomach Royal China, damn you.

Royal China on Urbanspoon Square Meal