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(Three of the most stressful things and) DSTRKT, Piccadilly Circus

According to my boss, the three most stressful things you can do in life are change job, move house, and get married. So it's pretty awesome that I'm doing all three in the space of 5 months. 

Yep, I've got a new job. Funny what finds you when you're not looking, isn't it? And yeah, it's the worst timing ever (wedding organisation anyone?) plus *sob* I'm going to be separated from my work (read: drinking) buddies...but boy, am I excited.

I kind of want to say I got everyone to hit up this tasting menu at DSTRKT to celebrate, but that would be a lie. It just seemed like a good idea for a Tuesday night.

I want those jellyfish lights in our house, up the entry stairs, proudly illuminating my triumphant return home each day.

We weren't quite convinced on the "air" with the oysters and tuna - but it did make for some comic gold from Miss J: "I could live without it".

The sea bass was my favourite dish. Perfectly crisp skin - deeeelicious.   

And I even stuck to just one glass of champagne (which isn't exactly a real achievement since the rule is supposed to be NO drinking on school nights until the wedding, but hey ho). 

We had a little peek into the club before we left, which looked immense - think Vegas style plush, but London sized. DSTRKT might well be the site of a little TOWIE night out action sometime soon. But on a Tuesday? I'll take my bed, thanks.

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