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The Grand Imperial, The Edbury, and drinks aplenty

I have a confession to make. I kinda like getting a wee bit jolly...in the afternoon. Think about it: you get all the fun of a boozy day out, but you actually manage to flag a cab down when you want to go home, you're home by midnight, and you wake up at a reasonable hour the next day, ready to make the most of it (well, kind of). It's a winning combination, I tell ya.

This weekend I waved goodbye to the CG, who headed up to his hometown for stag do numero uno. While he was getting his arse whipped (literally, don't ask) I caught up with friends from home over cocktails at Charlotte Street Hotel and dinner at Salt Yard (both good), had a girls afternoon, and went shopping for wedding stuff (on a side note, we're down to about 60 things on our to do list - still not sure whether to be pleased or panicked about that).

Now this is my kind of girls afternoon: we kicked off with dim sum afternoon tea at the Grand Imperial, which turned out to be a pretty swanky place that links to The Grosvenor Hotel. Despite the plush surrounds, they were extremely accommodating - the afternoon tea was actually off the menu during the Olympic period, but they obliged the eight of us and did us a special one for a mere £10 a head! As that was such a bargain, it obviously made perfect sense for us to get a few bottles of bubbles as well.

Suitably relaxed, a few of us then decided to roll on to The Edbury for more bubbles...and cocktails...and red wine. I love days when you don't have proper plans, and you just go with the flow.

Of course, after all those drinks, it made sense to have dinner.

The Cornish squid with chili salt and lime was delicious, and a huge portion for a starter. I also had the rib eye with smoked bone marrow and rosemary salt chips. The chips dipped in marrow were so good. I can't really remember the steak - but that has less to do with quality of food and more to do with drinks consumed I think.

It was a fab day with some very lovely ladies. I could definitely get used to doing it every week...