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A love fest and Kopapa, Covent Garden

The CG and I are on a love high. We're being one of those disgustingly soppy couples that make you want to vomit. It's less than 3 weeks until take off, so we've been on a countdown, and every weekend little presents for each other are appearing (because spending more money on non-wedding expenses is exactly what we need right now).

Apart from flowers, aftershave and landscape photos of London we've collected for each other, the CG also took me to brunch at Kopapa on the weekend. It's probably one of the things I miss most about home.  Weekend brunch with the girls. That, and seafood.

We shared the Turkish eggs and chorizo hash with my fave chilli sauce - sriracha. Seriously good brekkie.

Full up, we then traipsed around on the hunt for the CG's wedding shirt. He suffers from some bizarre repulsion to the feel of certain materials, so it's not an easy task - and we came away empty handed, forced to drown our sorrows at the London Cocktail Club for a friend's birthday that evening. No pics I'm afraid, but if you get a chance, I definitely recommend it - retro music hits, and some brilliant bartending...although I'm still not convinced by the bacon and egg martini. Porn stars and Brixton riots all the way!