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A love fest and Kopapa, Covent Garden

The CG and I are on a love high. We're being one of those disgustingly soppy couples that make you want to vomit. It's less than 3 weeks until take off, so we've been on a countdown, and every weekend little presents for each other are appearing (because spending more money on non-wedding expenses is exactly what we need right now).

Apart from flowers, aftershave and landscape photos of London we've collected for each other, the CG also took me to brunch at Kopapa on the weekend. It's probably one of the things I miss most about home.  Weekend brunch with the girls. That, and seafood.

We shared the Turkish eggs and chorizo hash with my fave chilli sauce - sriracha. Seriously good brekkie.

Full up, we then traipsed around on the hunt for the CG's wedding shirt. He suffers from some bizarre repulsion to the feel of certain materials, so it's not an easy task - and we came away empty handed, forced to drown our sorrows at the London Cocktail Club for a friend's birthday that evening. No pics I'm afraid, but if you get a chance, I definitely recommend it - retro music hits, and some brilliant bartending...although I'm still not convinced by the bacon and egg martini. Porn stars and Brixton riots all the way!

(Three of the most stressful things and) DSTRKT, Piccadilly Circus

According to my boss, the three most stressful things you can do in life are change job, move house, and get married. So it's pretty awesome that I'm doing all three in the space of 5 months. 

Yep, I've got a new job. Funny what finds you when you're not looking, isn't it? And yeah, it's the worst timing ever (wedding organisation anyone?) plus *sob* I'm going to be separated from my work (read: drinking) buddies...but boy, am I excited.

I kind of want to say I got everyone to hit up this tasting menu at DSTRKT to celebrate, but that would be a lie. It just seemed like a good idea for a Tuesday night.

I want those jellyfish lights in our house, up the entry stairs, proudly illuminating my triumphant return home each day.

We weren't quite convinced on the "air" with the oysters and tuna - but it did make for some comic gold from Miss J: "I could live without it".

The sea bass was my favourite dish. Perfectly crisp skin - deeeelicious.   

And I even stuck to just one glass of champagne (which isn't exactly a real achievement since the rule is supposed to be NO drinking on school nights until the wedding, but hey ho). 

We had a little peek into the club before we left, which looked immense - think Vegas style plush, but London sized. DSTRKT might well be the site of a little TOWIE night out action sometime soon. But on a Tuesday? I'll take my bed, thanks.

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FishClub, Clapham

Up on St John's Hill in Clapham, nowhere near the ocean, is the closest I've come to feeling like I'm back at home on the beaches of the Eastern suburbs. 

FishClub is my kind of seafood joint. Slightly posh fish and chips, super fresh, and taste-bud-tinglingly delicious with the friendliest, couldn't be more helpful staff.

Hands down the best calamari I've had in London - dusted with paprika and served with aioli, it was perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Their chilli garlic bream was a sticky piece of heaven on a plate.

And their grilled haddock was pretty darn good too.

OK, enough gushing. I just get so excited these days when I find good seafood that I want to sing it from the rooftops. Except my mouth is usually full.

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The rescue brunch

Know what you need when you've spent the previous day boozing in the blazing sun, and on into the unrelentingly hot and humid night? 

An angel. Or a couple of angels. Who, despite being just as desperately hungover as everyone else, prepare to work miracles for a, sadly, worse for wear crew of eight. 

Bacon and egg muffins with hash browns on the side? YES PLEASE.

Rescue brunch, you saved our Sunday. Pity it was too late to save Mr B's dignity. 

Bar Boulud, Knightsbridge

This week has been mental, and expensive. Paying balances on wedding venues categorically blows. Friday night was a welcome relief, and Miss J and I made sure we were at dinner nice and early before everyone else so we could get a thank-feck-its-the-end-of-the-week drink in. And it tasted gooooood.

Frisée Lyonnaise

Crevettes Grillées

Salade de Roquette

I've been reading about the burgers at Bar Boulud, so I rounded up the usual suspects and in aid of ensuring no one suffered from food envy, all six of us ordered burgers. I gotta say, if you're going to pay £14 - £20 for a burger, that burger better be pretty amazing. 

Frenchie burger - with confit pork belly, rocket, dijon tomato compote, morbier cheese, peppered bun 

BB burger - with foie gras, red wine braised short ribs, truffle, frisée, horseradish mayonnaise, confit tomato, black onion seed bun

Piggie burger - with BBQ pulled pork, green chilli mayonnaise, bibb lettuce, red cabbage slaw, cheddar bun

They were worth every penny. I'm pretty sure I'll never eat another burger again. I'd feel like I was cheating on the BB. Damn that burger was good. 

Coupe peppermint

Soufflé de la garrigue

It was a pretty good start to the weekend.

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