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A week of feasting

I'm pretty much in wedding hell right now. Why? Because I am apparently incapable of making decisions. How I manage to be so decisive at work remains a mystery. 

After writing my to do list of 99 tasks, I retired, whimpering, and focused instead on filling my week with activities that made it impossible to actually complete any of said tasks.

Miss T had to head home *sob* but not before I managed to feed her and we had a cuddle on the couch.

Book club finally had a normal turnout (hooray!), and we headed to  Jamie Oliver's Union Jacks for our "discussion". 

The fit out is brilliant with a kitschy mismatched feel crossed with American diner. Anywhere that can incorporate cement bags into its decor gets my respect. 

Although I felt slightly disappointed that flatbreads were really just pizza, the food was good, and the ice cream was de-li-cious. Get the eton mess & snickers flavours if you're there.

I got treated to brekkie at Kopapa on Thursday morning, and discovered my version of breakfast heaven: Turkish eggs. Two poached eggs with whipped yoghurt, hot chilli butter & flat bread. 

The pictures don't do it justice, but suffice to say I am now going to commit some serious time to recreating this.

Well, either that, or I'll just keep going back to Kopapa.

The CG and I headed to Pitt Cue Co. before the much awaited opening of the Shard (the CG's favourite building ever, judging by the amount he mentions it). 

Believe the hype about Pitt Cue. We waited about 45 minutes for a spot, but the weather was good so sipping drinks and catching up on our days didn't exactly feel like a hardship.

Between us we had pork ribs, pulled pork, house sausage, marrow mash, and chorizo slaw. For my taste, the mash was better than the slaw as a side, but everything was good. The meat was melt in the mouth and so damned tasty! Definitely worth the wait.

The Shard light show on the other hand, not so. Pretty much the only good thing about it was the CG got to try out his first ever tripod. After about five minutes I was ready for bed - but I guess once you've seen Hong Kong's symphony of lights, a single building on the London skyline changing colour was never going to compare.

And to finish off the work week, last night I cooked up a storm to enjoy with friends we hadn't caught up with for a while.

Unfortunately, that wedding list doesn't seem to be sorting itself out, so I guess I better stop goofing off and get cracking. But first, I might just add a few pics to my pinterest boards...