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Sporting Saturday

Stuck for something to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Why not organise a game of rounders with your mates? 

The rules are simple: 
  1. Come in fancy dress (this year's theme was 80's sportswear)
  2. Ignore the usual rules of rounders and set up as many bases as you want
  3. Place a penalty drink at each base - anyone who stops at any base must have a shot of whatever awaits them there
  4. Tackle anyone who tries to make it over home plate
  5. Mix in as many other games as possible including wellie throwing, tug of war, boat races, tractor time trials, elephant races and "smash that butt with the football"
  6. Make everyone drink penalties whenever the fancy takes you

From 15 people in 2011, the boys managed to grow attendance to over 60 this year. And while I did miss the human pyramid building which didn't feature this time, there was not only a megaphone, but a raffle as well. What more can you ask for?