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Olympic Fever

I gotta tell ya, I'm a pretty lucky lady. Not only did I get to experience Olympic magic in Sydney in 2000, I'm getting to do it all again now in London. 

I freaking love these mascots. Even though they look like aliens. 

So I got to watch the torch run by outside my office (thankfully our facilities manager wasn't there to stop us hanging out the windows - up until that day I honestly believed him when he said the windows couldn't be opened).

And then yesterday we went to the boxing (sadly, the only tickets we managed to get out of the stack we applied for in the lottery) where we got to witness Australian and Great British victories.

According to the CG that's a "W" for "winning". Hmm.

For all the flack that the organisers have had to deal with in the lead up to the games, I have to say that our experience today was brilliant. No issues with transport, great directions issued from smiling, helpful volunteers, and quick clearance through security checks, again with extremely cheerful staff.

Actually my only criticism is of fellow games goers who booed the entry of the opposition to the Great British boxer we saw. It's really not cool, or sporting. Next time, just try politely clapping instead of cheering wildly, yeah?