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The East London reunion

My allergies. DAMN MY ALLERGIES! Despite looking like I'd cried for two days straight, Sunday was a pretty special day for me because my number one beyotch was in da hood - Miss Trouble. 

Barely recovered from her plane trip from Oz, she bravely hit the streets of East London with me for the day. We stopped off at Bread Street Kitchen for lunch along the way, which was pretty dead, but had some chilled live music and we really liked the fit out. 

Ain't she beautiful?

Warm beetroot tart, toasted pine nuts, fresh goat's curd

Short rib burger, Monterey jack, tomato ketchup

Steak sandwich, caramalised onions and garlic mayonnaise

I've always had a little love affair with East London. I never get sick of wandering the streets, checking out the market stalls, stopping in at random cafes and bars along the way. 

We cruised through Spitalfields markets, up Brick Lane, and through into Shoreditch, stopping only for chocolate cake and coffee, and a Japanese rocking horse at Lounge Lover - which, true to the bartender's word, was a good alternative to my favourite porn star martini. 

Jet lag setting in, we headed back towards Miss T's hotel and grabbed a quick dinner at Rosa's Thai in SoHo. Sadly, my partner in crime is only here for a few days for work and is on her bestest behaviour - but we think we've decided where we're going to go for our girly holiday next year...now that's going to really be trouble.