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Cafe East, Surrey Quays

According to Miss O, who was extremely shocked I'd never heard of Cafe East, I'm "too white" - hence why no one has ever mentioned it to me. Basically, because I don't have many asian friends, I've seemingly been denied the best pho I've tasted in London until now.

Cafe Da (Vietnamese coffee), Sua Dau Nanh (sweet soya milk) 

Banh Cuon

Goi Cuon

I have to say, Cafe East is a trek if you don't live south east. A ten minute walk from Canada Water  station, past media offices and in a densely residential area, it's not the kind of place you're likely to just stumble upon.

Pho Tai

But boy, is the food good. This is definitely the best Vietnamese I've had in London - and I hereby formally retract my previous claim that pho in London sucks compared to Sydney (even if the beef wasn't really rare). This stuff is good. Real good.

Cafe East on Urbanspoon Square Meal