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Try it Thursday: my first ever pasta bake

Well it's straight off the plane and back to the kitchen for this little lady (I'm using the term loosely obviously). I cannot WAIT to share my NYC eating adventures with you, which I will do soon.

While I'm loving being back with the CG, I'm suffering pretty bad post mini break blues. Especially when it comes to food. The saddest thing ever is buying lunch from Sainsbury's and eating at your desk when you've just spent 5 days wandering around your favourite city trying all kinds of new restaurants, but thems the breaks. Scratch that: the saddest thing ever is doing that, when you've just come off the red eye and gone into the office for the day.

So tonight I made my first ever pasta bake! I know, right? Probably one of the simplest things on earth, but I've just never done it before. 

I fried up mushrooms, capsicums (peppers for you Brits), onions and beef mince, then threw together a spicy tomato sauce with Italian herbs and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Then I layered up half cooked pasta, the mince sauce, and a mix of three cheeses that I grated up - mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar. 

Popped the lot into the oven until the cheese was golden brown (or a little more than golden since I was waiting for the CG to return from a late one at work) and served it up with a side salad.

Not a patch on anything I ate in NYC, but hey. Not bad for a Thursday night at home.