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Taste of London in the freezing British summer

Thank gawd for complimentary tickets, is all I can say. Don't get me wrong, on a warm summers day, I can definitely see myself kicking back and enjoying the weather, sipping on cocktails and sampling the fare. 

As it was, Friday evening was hella cold, and if I'd paid the £24 entrance to Taste of London so I could freeze my butt off, side step muddy stretches of the park, and wait in line with the hungry hordes, I would have been pretty annoyed. Thankfully we only had to pay for our tasters, so all in all it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours, plus we got to see a handful of celebrity chefs (I bet they loathe being labelled celebrities).

Our game plan was to avoid any of the restaurants we'd already eaten at, so it was marginally easier to choose from the array of delicious choices.

Opera Tavern's chargrilled lamb cutlets with grilled aubergines and smoked ajo blanco
Le Gavroche's squid tagliatelles and lightly spiced lobster jus with sea greens
Theo Randall's pan-fried scallops served in the shell with pancetta, red chilli, parsley, capers, lentils de Castelluccio and chopped rocket
The Savoy Grill's chargrilled dry-aged Lake District farmer's sirloin, Café de Paris
The only watch out - dishes area a little more expensive than they would have you believe (they advertise as £4 - £5 each) so you'll probably need more crowns (the currency of Taste) than you think. The above selection cost £20 all up, but there were a lot of dishes on offer for £7 - £15 each.

If only it was really summer, it would have been a perfect Friday evening!