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NYC part 5: dessert

By Monday I think we'd fully converted Miss J to our Asian eating lifestyle, so first up: noodles. And more pork buns. 

Ippudo was excellent - steaming bowls of deliciously tasty ramen, the likes of which I've never experienced before. I could definitely do noodles for breakfast every day. As we were meeting Miss O's true New Yorker friends there, they knew exactly what to order; I had the Akamaru Chashu which I definitely recommend.

We were also joined by my buddy Anthony, who I met years ago on my very first trip to NYC.

The rain was keeping up a fairly steady patter, very London-like, so we decided that shopping indoors was in order and headed to midtown.

And then it was time. My final dress fitting *gulp*. 

But not before a quick stop at Sprinkles. Recommended by my cousin A, who has personally sampled every cupcake on Manhattan, this was her star pick of the lot. Don't be put off by the seemingly smaller selection of flavours - Miss J actually declared this cupcake THE best thing she ate all trip.

Thankfully, Amy's alterations had actually made my dress a little too loose, so despite the binge eating over the last few days, and my cupcake while we were waiting for final final adjustments, all was well and we left with (fitting) dresses safely in hand. 

If you're ever lucky enough to be shopping for your wedding dress in NYC, I cannot say enough great things about the ladies at Cymbeline. They made my whole experience fantastic, and granted, while I never visited any other store, I really didn't need to. They were helpful, accommodating, reassuring, competitive on price, and their designs are diverse, suit plenty of body shapes, and they have modern takes on even classic looks. Pay them a visit - that's all I'm saying! OK, gush over.

After sobbing hysterically when we returned to the apartment that it was our last night in NYC, we pulled ourselves together and headed to the Upper East side to meet J and his firefighting friends (one of whom actually was the big friendly giant) where we were introduced to JG Melon - home of the rare and juicy burger. Opinions were divided again - Miss J thought the patty wasn't that flavoursome, while Miss O liked it. We all agreed however that the texture was great, thanks to the nice pink centres. 

Yep, that was Miss O attempting a high five. LAME! Many drinks later, including an entertaining re-appearance from Anthony, Miss J discovered her second favourite eat in the city: a warm and gooey cookie from Insomnia. There's only one reason a cookie joint is open that late...yep, you know why. 

She's a lady alright.

We said farewell to NYC at night on top of our apartment block before we headed in for one more (very short) sleep *sniff*.