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NYC part 3: the main course

We woke up feeling a heck of a lot more chipper on Saturday morning...but who wouldn't be excited about a day of shopping in SoHo (don't answer that gentlemen). PLUS today was the day I was going to be reunited with not one but two of my cousins! *insert squeal of excitement here*

First things first however, brunch. 

We stopped in at Spring Street Natural, food was average, but the service was super friendly.

Then it was time to hit the shops! If you're in the States, you've got to check out Aritzia. I wanted to buy the whole store - think gorgeous cuts and the softest silks and cottons. Miss O and I both left with our wallets a fair bit lighter (whoops). Unfortunately they don't yet sell overseas - but maybe that's a good thing.

After her very patient changing room feedback, we felt it was only fair to focus on Miss J after that and we managed to find her a stunning dress for the multitude of weddings she's attending this year. 

I also tried to convince Miss O that she did not look like tweety bird in this cute little number:

Then it was time to meet my beautiful cousin B - first stop, Balthazar for a glass of wine to celebrate our reunion! (Note to anyone who actually wants to eat at Balthazar - book ahead. Every time I've been there the first reservation available has been 11pm. I know, I know, you'd think I'd learn.)

Thirsts quenched, it was time to hit the shops again...and admire some of the art along the way.

We shopped for so long, the shops started closing and we only just got to our 9pm dinner reservation on time.

Now get this: my mum has 13 kids in her family (my grandparents were too poor to afford a TV). Our family is spread out across the world, and as a result, I haven't quite managed to meet all of my cousins yet. But imagine my surprise to find that two of my cousins who live in the same country (albeit on opposite sides) had never met! 

My ridiculously cute, I-want-her-for-my-little-sister cousin, A, just happened to have started a summer internship in NYC that week. A is the youngest in our generation, and is actually the same age as one of our older cousins kids (weird, right?). So of course I could not wait to introduce A and B to each other (this has all the makings of an alphabet song).

Aren't they gorgeous? Can you tell we're family?

We met A for dinner at Tribeca Grill which was nothing short of amazing. Between the five of us we all ended up ordering the same two dishes - miso marinated chilean sea bass with japanese eggplant and wasabi caramel (*foodgasm*) and seared sea scallops on butternut squash, mushroom and bacon risotto (some of the biggest scallops I've ever seen). Both made my taste buds dance (in a good way, not a pop and lock way).

One day we will get our family together!