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NYC part 1: the amuse-bouche

Pretty much anyone who knows me will tell you that New York is my favourite city in the world (so far). In the last five years I've been for so many different kinds of holidays: as a single on a girls holiday staying up all night partying for a week straight, recovering from heartbreak going to meet a boy I hardly knew, with my mum and best friend for a shopping trip, as part of a happy but emaciated couple on the way home from six months backpacking South America, to meet my cousin for the first time ever...

This time, I was going for one specific reason: to pick up my wedding dresses. So it would have been crazy not to make a girls holiday of it and eat my way around NYC, right? I mean, when you have to have two dress fittings in the space of four days, what sort of level headed person would actually try and maintain a slim physique?

The fabulous Miss J and Miss O were the perfect eating and shopping partners. Plus Miss O (when not hiding behind pillows) served as my personal paparazzi which was handy (don't worry, pictures of THE dress are safely hidden away from prying eyes).

We landed on Thursday night and headed straight to Bourbon Street, where my friend J works when he's not fighting fires with the NYFD - ever the consummate host, he had not only organised for us girls to occupy his mum's empty apartment for our stay, but was going to drive us and our luggage back post shift. 

Having "just one" turned into a few (when your friend's a barman, the free pour is pretty damn dangerous), and we were soon rolling drunk and heading to Gray's Papaya for late night hot dogs with sauerkraut, mustard, chilli and cheese. Completely what you need at the equivalent of 6am, London time after staying up all night. 

(Now don't pretend you don't want one!)