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Lunch at The Ledbury

Guess what? Today we're exactly three months away from the day we arrive in Thailand (eek!).

In three months time, I will be running around like a headless chicken stressing about how to make sure that our 31 friends and family, who are making the trip halfway around the world to celebrate with us, have a holiday to remember. And even though this week I published an article on the cons of having an overseas wedding, I can't help but think - 31 people are bothering to spend time and money to be with us. It's pretty amazing when you think of it that way.

So in celebration of our three month countdown, we went for lunch at the two Michelin starred restaurant, The Ledbury (yeah right! As if I'd ever have realised that when I booked. Still, made for a good toast over lunch.)

The Sunday lunch menu offered is three courses for £50, which I think is a pretty good deal for the quality of food you get. The amuse-bouche was crispy, salty squid ink crackers topped with roe.

Flame Grilled Mackerel, with Mackerel Tartare, Avocado and Shiso 

Ceviche of Hand Dived Scallops with Kabu Turnips, Seaweed, Herb Oil and Frozen English Wasabi
For starters the CG went for the mackerel, which he really enjoyed, especially the jellied avocado accompaniment. The scallops in my ceviche were melt in the mouth, but I thought the turnips over powered them, so I ended up eating them separately. The frozen wasabi certainly added a very frosty element which took me by surprise (you'd think the description would have given it away).

Roast Breast and Confit Leg of Duck with Red Leaves and Vegetables, Foie Gras and Cherry Blossom

Featherblade of Belted Galloway Beef with Wild Garlic Puree, Pickled Walnuts and Bone Marrow
Our mains were presented beautifully, and lived up to their entrance. I had the duck which was deliciously tender. There was a lot going on with the dish, with the red leaves, beetroot, cherry blossoms and the mousse-like foie gras - so every mouthful was a mixed sensation.

The CG's beef had been cooked for 8 hours so the meat was super tender. The crispy chip-like pillows on top added a tasty crunch and were a nice touch. For all his reservations about pickled walnuts in the dish, there were certainly no complaints as he happily worked his way through it all!

After stalking out the dessert options served up to the tables around us, we both agreed that while we wouldn't usually miss an opportunity to try two new things, neither of us were willing to suffer major food envy - so we both went for the passionfruit souffle, and we weren't disappointed.

Passion Fruit Souffl√© with Sauternes Ice Cream

We finished the meal off with tea, coffee and petite fours of mandarin jelly, earl grey biscuits and eucalyptus truffles.

We left not feeling over stuffed, but just right. All in all, a lovely meal, in a great restaurant, which we would definitely recommend.

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