JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Fun with the guinea pigs

A weekend with friends visiting from the CG's hometown means getting a wee bit tipsy...

...posing with utensils...

...finally trying Pizza Metro Pizza...

...and forcing them to eat fruit "that feels like it should be screaming" and a mini bacon and egg tart experiment for breakfast (which tasted better than it looked, thankfully).

It's good to have willing guinea pigs to try new things with. Plus the weekend was (just a little bit) fun too. Bonus!


  1. Ha ha, love the posing with utensils!! And might be forced to try a veggie version of those egg and bacon tarts!

    1. Oh you should! I think they'd work equally with an egg mix with chives and creme fraiche - and would be quicker to cook too!