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Book 'em daddo

I'm wondering about books. I mean, I know I did a little round up last month, but I'm wondering whether I'm going to really give a toss when I look back on my life and read about what I was reading. Or will I actually be filled with excitement, because I'll be reminded of books I'd long forgotten but am now inspired to revisit? 

The thing is, words are so important to me - as part of what I do at work, crafting consumer friendly copy and corporate waffle (wow, if anyone was in any doubt I work in marketing, I'm pretty sure that last bit of brand babble has erased any doubt now); as part of my blogging life here and on LLTO; as what fuels my imagination and always has since I was a kid. I love reading, it's part of what makes me...well, me. 

So I guess that pretty much answers the question. Books are in. Look away now if you don't read and don't care (but please come back next non book related post? please, pretty please?).

Gary Shteyngart
This was on the Blook Club list that I'm playing catch up on, and I found it fascinating. I actually ended up really disliking it, because the longer the book went on, the less empathy I felt with both the main characters. That said, the way it was put together was genius, especially the communications between Eunice and her friends and family. Well worth a read just for the scariness of how believable our technological dependencies could become. Read it if: you've ever called your best girlfriend a dirty beyotch to show how much you really love her.

Chad Harbach
Our latest book club pick, this gem really tugged on my heart strings. It had a bit of everything - the jock, the hardened gal, a fragile father - daughter relationship, the superstar athlete who is his own worst enemy, a man coming to terms with falling in love with another man for the first time. In a nutshell, brilliant. Read it if: you like glimmers of hope with a hard dose of reality.

I've just started The Night Circus which I'm hating putting down when my train arrives at work each day. It's adding a little bit of magic to my daily commute!