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Thrice cooked chips: one time too many?

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Has anyone else noticed the prolific rise in the "thrice cooked chip"?

This little bad boy is usually cooked three ways by par boiling, deep frying, and then deep frying again just to make sure it's really done.

Allegedly, this produces a "near perfect" chip - fluffy on the inside and crispy and tasty on the outside.

Now I admit, I haven't tried to produce these at home. The day I deep fry anything in my kitchen will mark the start of a year long complaint-fest which my poor partner will have to put up with on a daily basis when I enter the kitchen and declare that I can still smell the grease in the air and feel it underfoot. So maybe, just maybe, I haven't experienced the triple cooked wonder at it's very peak - straight out of the fryer and into my, soon to be burnt, greedy mouth.

But I'm going to tell you what I think anyway.

I think the thrice cooked chip has been cooked...one too many times *insert gasps of horror here*. Possibly even two too many times (I hope none of you have fainted in shock at this stage).

Maybe the few minutes it takes to plate up the mega fry and get it out to you, added to the two minutes it takes to make sure everyone you're dining with has their meals and are ready to dig in, does something significantly detrimental to the chip quality.  But let's be honest - if the likes of top restaurants can't get it right, what hope do we have of producing something magical at home?

The perfect chip, I present to you dear readers, is not just cripsy! NO! It is the perfect balance of soggy and crispy. They are not too greasy, hold the right amount of salty flavoursome goodness, and the presence of both soggy and crispy parts allows you to enjoy each in comparison - much like the perfect union of salty and sweet we find in chocolate and peanut butter.

To date, every triple cooked chip I've had has had no where near the right amount of soggy to crispy ratio. They are waaaaay too crispy - the kind of "we've sat in a heated fish and chip store counter unit waiting for someone to buy us for the last two hours" crispy - and they pretty much always leave a greasy coating in your mouth.

So I'm starting a campaign. To bring back normal chips. I don't care if you're a gastropub, michelin hatted, or just the local chip shop. Keep it simple and you'll keep people coming back. If you really want to get crazy, throw a little chicken salt on for flavour. But please...don't discriminate against the soggy. You know you want it.