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Sunday shoe shopping

Shopping partner extraordinaire Miss J and I soaked up the spring sunshine today and pretended that we really belonged in Chelsea. I realised that time was running out before we head to NYC, and I needed wedding shoes for my dress fitting, stat. 

So here's the thing: Sloane Street, lovely. Not too many people, wide paths to walk on, picture perfect houses and private gardens to admire. But what is with the lack of Sunday openings? Clearly these mega designers don't need to worry about catering to people who actually work Monday to Friday. 

And here's another thing: Harvey Nichols customer service. Seriously good, in so many departments, on so many levels. But completely undermined by the one sour faced lady working at their bright and airy 5th floor cafe, who clearly lacked the ability to smile, and told me no photos were allowed. I'm sorry? You're not a Michelin starred establishment (and even then I'd have something to say). What are you worried about? Someone copying your signage? It should not be that hard to be friendly - and a smile really doesn't cost you anything. Well, I hope it pains her to know we had a great time anyway.

And as for the wedding shoes...so many options, so little money....