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Book & Blook Club

My book club is failing, dismally. The last three attempts have gone a little like this: 

  • Everyone agrees on a date
  • Follow up email fails to keep all current contact details on the list, so at least two people end up not knowing when and where we are meeting
  • The day of book club rolls around and 5 to 6 people pull out due to various ailments and work commitments
  • 3 to 4 people get together to have a meal and not talk about the book
If I'm being honest, the last point was kind of always the way we ran book club anyway, with lashings of wine and cocktails, but with a few more people.

In any case, if you're looking for a book, here are my round ups of the last three books we've read:

David Mitchell
The most disturbing, gory in a horrible childbirth way, opening of any book I've read, this book managed to maintain quite a bit of the shock factor throughout. Really well entwined Dutch and Japanese perspectives made it an interesting insight into both the 17th century and  the opposing cultures. Read it if: you don't mind if love stories don't have happy endings.

Dodie Smith
It was on the classics list so it had to be done. It's a nice, easy read with some real characters - but they can be polarising. Quite an insight into the way women perceived themselves, and I'm guessing in a lot of ways, still do. Read it if: you enjoy the teenage perspective on life.

John Irving
Strangely compelling, the book is told in past and present and I have to admit I was really engaged in the past story, wanting to know more, but I sped read through the sections in the present as I found them overly descriptive and an unwelcome break from the "real" story. Read it if: you  enjoy vivid descriptions, and you don't mind reading in capitals (rest assured, not the whole book is capitalised!).

Real life book club aside, there's a pretty brilliant initiative that has been kicked off by the clever Zoe of Conversation Pieces. It's called Blook Club - which is very cleverly bloggers + books. 

So I'm racing to catch up on their reading list and have just started on Super Sad True Love Story which I'm finding fascinating so far. I'm intrigued by the idea of a futuristic society where people know everything about you, where you can be publicly ranked in attractiveness against every other person in a bar (potentially soul destroying), and where ageing is considered an almost repellent idea. I can't wait to see where it goes...