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I believe in a thing called love

The CG has finally cracked and agreed to let me walk down the aisle to The Darkness. I have this crazy idea that my brother can smash out a guitar solo down the aisle when it gets to the bit that goes (fittingly) "GUITAR!".

We've actually made a tonne of progress this month - I booked flights to NYC to pick up my dresses in June, the CG bought his suits, we found a suit for the best man (not as easy task when he's 6 foot 4 and broad in the shoulders) (we're so going to look like his kids in the photos), found some rings that we like, and I think I've found the bridesmaids dress. The CG also booked the photographer! Phew. On top of the zillion social engagements we've had, and moving house, I think we've done a pretty good job *pats self on back*.

To be honest, having been involved in the bestie's wedding, and then witnessing first hand the wedding dance of the year this month, has really started the reluctance thaw. I'm actually starting to get a wee bit excited. Might have to book a flight to our own wedding sometime soon though. Minor detail.

In the meantime, check out the best wedding dance I've had the pleasure of cheering on. And congratulations Mr & Mrs Flaherty - your sweet station was almost as good as your dance!

Try it Thursday: the ultimate burger

One of my friends told us about "the best burger in London" in his estimation. As always, whenever I hear any kind of "best" food statement, I have to try it. Plus I trusted him - he's a meat man, so if he says a burger is good, I'm pretty sure it will be.

The CG, his best man and I headed to MEATliquor mid afternoon on a Saturday. If I'm being honest, the place kind of freaked me out. It had a great, buzzy vibe and we luckily only waited 20 minutes at the bar, because the queue that kept reforming and growing while we ate was wrapped around the block by the time we finished. But what freaked me out was the d├ęcor - it reminded me of the kind of place someone would throw me into if I was kidnapped.

The menu was straight to the point: you could get a meaty burger, or liquor. Obvious, really.

And despite the eerie surroundings, they have a pretty cool style of service: drinks in jars and  rolls of paper towels for you to clean up with and use as plates while you dig into your burger.

The boys gave the eating experience a solid 9/10, but declared that the burgers weren't the best they'd ever had. So the search continues...

Birthday treats

To quote my mum "you're not getting any younger, you know." Damn straight. But at least I'm getting older in style with a hot man by my side. 

Yesterday I got well and truly spoilt rotten - an iPad, lovely Ted Baker body stuff, sweet shiny earrings, flowers, chocolate cake, a diorama set up on desk at work, and a bikini. Plus to-die-for cocktails at Beach Blanket Babylon, and dinner at Les Trois Garcons (pleasant, but not amazing - still, one ticked off the list). 

Who said getting older wasn't any fun?