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Try it Thursday: strike a pose

You might have heard of this thing called twitter. But what does it have to do with me striking model poses? Well, as it so happened, the ever so lovely Lisa Jane was looking for a couple who might want a free shoot in London - it was winter, the quiet season for weddings, and an opportunity for her to shoot in places she doesn't usually get to. And for us, it was a bit of fun and an opportunity to have some nice pics taken in our home city. Double win!

So on the coldest day of the year, we headed out around Barbican. Lisa Jane was fabulous at making us feel comfortable - I mean, I know I'm a poser, but doing it for a professional wedding photographer is quite another matter...

The CG loved taking this one - any excuse to make me kiss him in public. He would be the king of public displays if I'd let him get away with it:

And this sweet one is my absolute favourite:

How lucky are we to have a bunch of great photos to treasure? Thank you so much Lisa Jane! x