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Through a lens Tuesday: noodle soup & weird and wonderful veg

My first full day hanging with mum and dad in suburban Sydney town, we made a beeline to Cabramatta to satisfy one of my food cravings - Vietnamese Pho. Granted, there is some good Viet back in London, but personally I just think Sydney does it better.

After filling up, we hit the shops in search of childhood favourites that I don't tend to indulge in since I've been living overseas. I'm not sure why that is, but I guess I associate a lot of things with family and without them there I don't suffer the same nostalgia that seems to overwhelm me whenever I come home to visit.

This is pretty much what I'm going to look like by the time my trip is over - but probably paler:

We picked up cakes to take to my brother's new house for tea that night:

And argued about how we'd cook up the different veg on offer.

It was a lovely day. Now if I could just get dad to stop asking me if I want something to eat every five minutes, we'd be right. But some things will never change.