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A classy kind of hens

Finally, finally I'm back home! After the killer couple of weeks I had the best sleep I've ever had on a plane, stepped off after a 21+ hour flight, cleared duty free, immigration, baggage and customs in less than 20 minutes, and was awarded with a welcome from my poor bestie who was waiting at the airport at 6:30am on a Saturday morning.

After a day of failed attempts at a power nap, lots of catching up, sushi and curling hair extensions, we had a fabulous champagne fuelled hens night that kicked off with survival kits (band aids for sore feet, tablets for sore heads, a hair elastic, chewing gum and a map in case anyone was separated from the group) packaged in sweet gift boxes:

Followed by delicious canapes to nibble on with our champagne and lychee martinis:


Before we headed out for a feast at Miss G's, drinks at Hugo's and clubbing at, well, The Club. I could show you those photos...but I'd rather keep it classy.