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Change of plans - big time

Er...we decided to make a change to the wedding plans. Like moving the date forward a day. FAIL! Who the heck decides to change their wedding date after the invites have already gone out? Major disorganisation. But in our defence, we're doing it for the greater good - so people can fly home on Sunday if they need to. Right? RIGHT?! 

This is why I don't book plane tickets until the last minute. Because of people like me. Sorry everyone *insert sheepish smile here*. No more major changes. Seriously this time.

Anyhoo...bridesmaids duties are over and done with and the whole weekend was super fun. I'm already missing everyone now I'm back home. Check out my hair for the day...thinking of something like possibly to combat the hot weather in Thailand? LOVE the hair clip that the new Mrs KG bought me.