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Not so new years resolutions

I know it's already February, and a bit late to making new years resolutions. But as I was lying awake last night, I was thinking about how little I've really captured on this blog. All my travels, my experiences, my loves, my friendships - I can't regret it as such, because at the time I was just out there living life. But I do wish I had more of a momento to look back on. 

So my not so new years resolutions are to:
  1. Blog more about the things I actually get up to (as opposed to randomly ranting about waffle)
  2. Carry a camera with me wherever I go so I'm ready to capture the moment wherever I may be
  3. Actually revise during the week instead of just rocking up to my French classes and hoping to suddenly be able to speak fluently

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  1. I back all of the above... whilst I have never been good at writing about the things I get up to (am currently trying to change this and failing miserably), the one thing I am eternally grateful for is that I always have my camera at the ready and have captured random moments so they are not lost from memory!

    As for the French... moving to Paris to keep me company will get you to fluency in no time! :)