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Making plans at Down Hall

This week I headed off to the annual senior managers conference to brainstorm action plans for how we were going to bring the institution down from the inside. Well, more accurately, we all moaned about the usual shared grievances, and then made wild promises to use less email, spend more time communicating the old fashioned way, and to increase the speed of decision making.

Despite our gloriously modern approach to management, we had the pleasure of staying in a historical country house hotel - Down Hall

Built in 1322, Down Hall was an oddity - great food in a modern restaurant setting, slightly shabby older style rooms, and grand meeting areas complete with impressive chandeliers. I can imagine that in summer it would be a great place to come with its huge grounds to explore.


A few of the girls definitely ooh-ed and aah-ed on the drive into the estate - possible wedding venue springing to mind! But the thing I liked best was my pitch black room - finally a nights rest without the flickering street light glowing through our bedroom window blinds! It's the little things, after all. 

(But the trio of desserts weren't bad either)

(Like the pose? I'm in training for this weekend...more on that later!)