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Just another love story

Time for the obligatory Valentine's day post. I've already been scathing elsewhere. So all I'm going to do is share with you one of the many vomit inducing, sugary sweet reasons that I'm marrying the CG. Word for word, here is one of his usual emails to me - not sent on a particular day of the year, but on any other ordinary day:

Hey Little Beautiful,

Just had a little laugh to myself thinking about last night in bed before we went to sleep. I love you soo much! I had a great weekend with you and always look forward to spending more time with you...my idea of the perfect night be at home with a lovely meal with you and just spending the night laughing away at each other's crazy little ways.

Love you loads baby, and I don't ever want to be in a world where I'm not with you.

Big love and hugs

Yep kids, that's real love for you. Who needs roses when you've got the whole summer garden?