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Guidelines to write my life by

I can no longer deny that I am a stickler for structure. There was a time when I thought that I loved spontaneity - when I was on the road, backpacking, I thought that not having any deadlines, moving at the pace I wanted to, doing whatever I wanted every day was the bomb.com. Truth is, on reflection, that I only felt comfortable with that freedom because I always had a goal I was working to in the back of my mind. I knew the next few places I wanted to head. I knew I was making my way North, or East, or backwards. Despite what I thought, I had self-imposed structure every step of the way.

This year, I want to get serious about blogging. When we launched Laugh Lots, Travel Often last month, one of the first things we did was set up a regular schedule for posts so we all knew what was expected in terms of content. And although that sounds rigid, it works. Within a framework, there is huge scope for creativity and in fact, it helps me to focus more.

So, I'm going to give structure a little try on this blog too. 

It's no secret I'm a really visual person. I can spend hours poring over images on the internet, and part of the reason I'm on pinterest and tumblr is for this very reason, so I can admire all the lovely images I've gathered together.

Original image links and sources via tumblr

I'm also becoming a bit of a blog stalker and finding so many wonderful sites with fab photography. Which is how I've come up with "Through a lens Tuesday". Each week I'm going to post on something I've captured via camera, phone, whatever I happen to have on hand. It might be a meal at a restaurant, a person, a moment in time...whatever!

 Original image links and sources via tumblr

I've also come to realise that I get really antsy when I don't feel like I'm moving in life. I don't mean just travelling or in my career, but when it comes to learning. Late last year I promised myself I would make a new recipe every week for this very reason - I feel happiest and the most successful when I'm learning and experiencing new things. So I'm also going to give "Try it Thursday" a whirl. Or maybe "Triumphant Thursday", I'll have to see when I do my first post! But the idea is to celebrate something I've learnt, discovered, or succeeded at.

Er, so that's me. I feel good about this. I'll still probably be a bit random but hopefully this will get me into the habit of experiencing, observing, analysing and writing - and that is ultimately what I want. To write, write, write...because it makes me happy.