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A fashion show and girlfriend therapy

The fabulous Miss H came to visit this weekend on her way from Paris to Canada. She is in the throws of starting an ethical and sustainable business, Indigo Bazaar, with her equally fabulous partner Miss B in Sydney. I had the treat of spending a day with her wandering around Pure London in search of like minded fashion designers.

It was pretty thought provoking, once you realise that people think that ethical work labour is synonymous with developed nations. Or worse, as one lady flippantly commented "well, we go to the factories and they're all smiling so they must be happy." Oh dear.

The best part of the day was my free therapy session - I'm not going to claim that we've ironed out all the crazy, but I'm definitely feeling better about the wedding stress.

I absolutely adored some of the brands exhibiting like Darling, which has some great girly pieces...although they weren't exactly on our hit list (I only got distracted for five minutes, I swear).

And I'm desperate to find some of discover designs measuring cup-bowls if anyone knows where they might be stocked?

And we even managed to sneak a peek at the runway show.

A brilliant Sunday topped off with us giggling like kids for half the evening, a good bottle of red, pizza, and a fiery debate that even included the CG. I slept really well last night. Oh yeah.