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Another year, another home

Before we moved into our cosy own home six months ago, I worked out that I had lived in 13 different places in 11 years. And considering I've spent 2.5 of those years travelling, that's a lot of moving around. 

As you might suspect, I was damn tired of moving. But I was so very glad we were doing it again, because the CG and I were finally out of share housing and in a place all of our own! No more messy kitchens or crazy housemates, and no more needing to cover up to get from bathroom to bedroom. Bliss.

My first step towards having a home library one day

Our red no-doors-close-quite-right kitchen

My mantelpiece of wisdom

Our well worn cushions of comfort

Our brand new photo canvas, the shot taken while we were diving in Egypt

The cookbooks I'm using right now

The flower I always planned to accessorise with, but somehow always looked better on the mirror

The hallway to our home

I had high hopes that we would stay in our little place for a good long while, and I could flatten and store my house moving boxes. Alas, it is not to be. Our landlord has other plans, and last week we were notified that our place was going up for sale. So on top of a parade of people coming through twice a week, and us having to keep the place looking tip top tidy (which is obviously no problem at all since we always live like clean freaks *cough cough*) we have to either cross our fingers and hope that an investor buys and we can keep renting, or find a new place to live (boo). 

Either way, I'm glad I've immortalise our first solo home together in pictures so I can sob over the memories later...