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Project central and the amazing interweb

I've always thought of myself as a procrastinator. Especially when it comes to booking flights. It doesn't matter if I know where I have to be two years in advance, you can bet good money on me leaving committing to flights until a maximum of three months out. And that's booking way ahead of time.

But this week I discovered I'm only a procrastinator of flight booking and wedding planning! After proposing an online project to two of my girlfriends late on Friday night, in the last four days we've not only had a kick off meeting, aligned our objectives and drawn up draft documents, we've also agreed on a fabulous name. Not bad for three chicks living in different countries with major time differences, and full time jobs.

The problem is, it seems that there are a lot of other people who aren't procrastinators either. And those people keep calling the Creative Genius and I up and asking about wedding dates, plans and details because they are already looking at booking their flights. For our wedding. The wedding I still keep trying to convince the CG isn't necessary. I am simultaneously filled with disgust at their organisation, and a touch of envy at the fact that when I'm stressing in six months time about how to get us the cheapest way possible to our own wedding, they will already be thinking about what their first drink in the air will be.

Spurred on by their enthusiasm (and through sheer desire not to be stressed out by further calls) we've created a wedding website with all the details (well, all the details we could muster, which weren't many), and I am not kidding when I say the internet is amazing. Hundreds of wedding websites offering you free services to enable you to share information with your guests! Online RSVP features! Pretty themes!

But then they had to go and spoil it all by showing me a to do list. After seeing I already had 25 overdue tasks on the suggested wedding planning checklist, I turned my laptop off and went to bed. Poor CG soldiers on. He is creating our wedding invites himself and on the fifth reiteration. I can only hope that we make it through together...