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Building blocks

I was an excited little kiddie last week when I popped into the CG's office and found a bundle of interiors material to play with. I made a multi-patterned rug:

before noticing possibly the cutest radiator ever (why is anything smaller than average automatically cute?).

I love buildings things, in any sense of the word. I'm a glorified project manager at work and in life, which I sometimes detest, but I more often enjoy - because I love being able to shape things from start to finish, so I can admire my handiwork with satisfaction at the end.

A beautiful friend of mine sent me her new blog this morning - she is sharing the story of her flight as a refugee from Vietnam. Although I knew some of her stories, it still brought tears to my eyes reading about it. Imagine building a whole new life, in a scary new world - as a child who doesn't understand what is going on other than that they are constantly hungry, and as a mother, separated from her husband and doing her best to take care of her two kids in a refugee camp. It is such powerful stuff, I want the world to read all about Tina and grow to love her like I do. So that one day you too can stand back and admire her handiwork, and be inspired by the life she has built.