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That holiday feeling

It's finally that time of year and I'm so happy it's here. It's been a great year but some seafood, beaches and shopping for a week is definitely in order.

So 2011...
...I surprised my mum for her 60th birthday back in Oz
...two of my close friends got married and we had a rocking time at both weddings
...two of my best girls got engaged
...my brother got engaged
...I finally bit the bullet and agreed on a wedding (are you sensing a theme here?)
...I met one of my cousins for the first time
...I reunited with one of my cousins after thirteen years (she's all grown up and gorgeous!)
...I discovered Glee (it makes me happy)
...I found my muse
...I braved an audition for the first time since high school (super fun)
...I started writing again
...I went to Budapest, Iceland, Lyon, Warsaw, Champagne, the Red Sea, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, New York and tomorrow - Florida!

It's definitely been a good year.

And to sign off for 2011, here are a few things from my week that I defy you not to like too:

Christmas lights in London

Mixed pasta shapes - there's something seriously fun about short and long pasta

Dancing under disco balls...lots of disco balls

Happy holidays everyone!