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Secret fan

I never thought I would describe myself as impressed by celebrity, but I have to admit - I actually have a girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow.

For starters, she was fabulous in Glee (and if watching Glee doesn't make you want to sing, dance and laugh, then I really have to question how cold blooded you are).

Secondly, I discovered her cookbook. Now admittedly, I have only cooked a few things out of it. But what I absolutely loved about it was the tone in which its written. Her love for her father and her love of food is apparent, and it makes you love them too.

Then yesterday, I was directed to her website GOOP - and this is why I really fancy Gwyneth right now. The idea around GOOP focuses on a few key ideas: make, go, get, do, be and see. It's so simple, but so perfect a way to set myself a little challenge each week.

I'm going to be a little less literal and stretch the ideas a bit, because I don't really think I should be aiming to go get (read: buy) myself something specifically each week. But, you get the idea.

So! Next week's challenge is:

MAKE: a new recipe involving chicken
GO: to my work Christmas party (an easy one for my first week!)
GET: the Christmas shopping done
DO: something nice for a stranger
BE: inquisitive (or potentially annoying) and ask why at least once in every conversation
SEE: if I can go a day without logging onto facebook or twitter

Wish me luck!

Fabulous Friday

I had a great day today. I often have great days, so that isn't exactly unusual, but today was especially great because work was crazy and depressing as ever but at the end of the day I actually just shut down the laptop and stopped worrying about it. Why? Because I've got other things to worry about now. Like what to write - and it's an exciting thing to have to worry about.

I recently discovered jottfy, a great community of people who want to read, write and share. It has been a real pleasure getting to understand how it works a little better this week, and it is truly humbling to see the talent that people have.

Not wanting to look like a stalker who doesn't contribute, I forced my first few words out this evening which I am pretty proud of despite it being a pretty laughable attempt. Still, I'm hoping this is just the start of bigger and better things...

Meeting of minds

So in all the excitement I forgot to say - I met a cousin of mine last month. For the first time ever.

Thanks to the wonder of facebook, somehow living on the opposite side of the world (then slightly closer a mere 5,571kms away) doesn't seem to be a barrier to getting to know someone anymore. So after a few exchanges and a recognition of similarities, I went on a blind date weekend with my cousin in my favourite city in the world - New York. Kind of crazy right?

Was I a little bit nervous? Hell yeah. What if we didn't get on? And we had a whole weekend to spend with each other?

I needn't have worried. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing weekend with a like minded soul. If she wasn't my cousin, I'd probably have a huge girl crush. I hate to say it, but facebook - you rock my world.

Nightmare inspiration

So I've resolved (not for the first time) to write a book. But this time I actually might have something worth writing about. And it was all inspired by a nightmare I was having about work, being unable to find my father, visiting some scary log cabins....and finally chatting to a new guy who says "I can't believe you're turning 32!". BINGO.